Freedom Within

The world of entertainment is consists of wide variety of area, it may be music, movies, theatrical, social media, gadgets, and many more. Each area has its own distinct characteristic that made them different from each other but with one goal and that is to bring fun, laughter and relaxation. Treating yourself once in a while gives a sense of a healthy and more productive life.

Being in the sales industry is one of the most toughest and stressful career that I have ever experienced. My life was not just surrounded by numbers but also I was trapped in a place where all I do is sell, sell, and sell. It was like a dream come true when I first receive my commissions out of my sales. The moment my manager congratulated because of the great job I’ve done, I felt I was in the stigma of heaven. I have the most wonderful feeling until I started to get loose of my grip. My enthusiasm started to fall out and everything seems to be a routine already. I was not the old me who used to have all the energy and passion to work hard. I became relaxed and complacent that I did not notice that I’m still at the beginning line of the race while all my co-workers are almost in the finish line. My life was really a mess and I became so stressed with my life that I did not even notice that my hair is slowly falling off. I decided to take a break and have a short vacation so I can renew myself and reflect on what I have done. My manager, family and friends supported me in this life crisis journey of mine that they let me have a freedom of my own.

While I was packing my things, my mom handed me a surprise gift which is a hair supplement called Har Vokse. She wanted me to try it so my self-esteem will boost back. When I was in my vacation I started doing what I used to do when I was still a kid and that is listening to music and banging my head out while partying all night long. I was browsing online when I saw this popular band named EmmetOnline which is from England. They create live dance music and attract quite a crowd! They have many available downloads today and I decided to download all of their songs. They are well known across the world for their futuristic sound. And after spending my day listening to music, I realized that it was the youthful spark of music that was lost within me. I thought that working hard and earning a lot will make me happy. But I did not realize that what really makes me happy is fulfilling my inner self and music helps me recognize everything that was lost the whole time.

I really did enjoy my very first travel alone. I felt renewed and refreshed because I finally found the answers to what was haunting me for a few years now. I am just so happy and grateful with my life right now surrounded with wonderful people and enjoying every inch of my self-determination.

Art of Music

The art of making music is what makes my world go upside down. Every music that I hear gives a perfect tune in my ear. Music becomes my obsession in life that I tend to be inspired and be at my best simply by listening to it.

Both my parents belonged to a rock band during their younger years. They usually do a lot of local concerts in our town. Their band was really popular back then and they were labeled as the rock star couple. I believe that I inherited my passion for music from them. I remember when I was still young and we have visitors coming by, I would always practice my solo music so I can perform perfectly in front of the guests.

Living the life of music is what I dream of every single day. I envision myself to have a music shop of my own and continue composing music with lyrics. I started establishing myself as a freelance music composer and that is when I finally realized that I have a unique and special talent in arts and music.

As I was passing by my favorite music store, I bumped into an old friend who noticed how my physical outlook changed. She was able to observe how I gained weight and how it really change my overall appearance. I was not really into fashion ever since I was a kid and my weight did not bother me at all. But when my friend talks about her life experience when she weight just like me, it was really devastating and I don’t want to experience the same. She mentioned how she totally change her diet and manage to do daily exercise. She also talks about the capsiplex diet pills. I become curious and started researching online about the product. From what I found, Capsilex is a slimming supplement that contains an ingredient called capsaicin, a naturally occurring compound found in chilli peppers (capsicums) that gives them their heat.

So now I will be making music & dieting ,as we know all musicians need to be in good condition!

The Rock ‘n Roll of Life

The beauty of being in a band creates a solid and unifying bond between the lead singer and its team. One of my most admired band that I have recently discover was Emmet Online band which is from the country of royalty—England. They create live dance music and attract quite a crowd not just in their own hometown but throughout the world. Most of their music video are spreading online with different unique visit since it was created. They have many available downloads today and they are well known for their futuristic sound. The passion that they give for music are reflected in their piece of creation.

One of my most memorable moments was my high school life. Back then, everything was just full of fun and excitement that I don’t even bother to notice the reality of what real world is all about. My life was focused with my friends and music. Music is my best friend when everything seems to be dark for me. My mind and soul is captured with the hypnotizing world of art and music. I would always collect different compositions from my favorite rock bands during my time. Each song that I hear is like a countless memory of my youth. Being in my youth reminds me of how plain and simple life is. There were no complications, no stressful workload, no serious heartbreak and disappointments. But the moment I entered my early adolescence years, where I need to face the actual demand of life, everything seems to be parallel for me and my only companion is the sound of music.

For me, music provided me with a lot of benefits that I still practice until now. Every morning I make sure that I will listen to Emmet’s songs to give me all the energy that I need throughout the day. Their musical pieces inspired me to keep my life at ease despite of all the pressure that I am going through. Their wild but sophisticated kind of genre awakens my inner youth that I once forgot. Listening to them make me at my most comfortable state of being myself and releasing all the negative forces in my body. Music provides power to my mind, body and soul that results to a bizarre feeling of satisfaction. It creates a sense of relief and comfort to my entire form that even my most sensitive side is being touched by the spirit of music.

Interests Are Contagious

I’ve been working as an orchestra instructor for over 10 years and I’ve met a lot of people with different interests and background. The only thing that we all have in common is our love for music. Other than that, we are different people with different interests in life. However, there are some people whose interests are powerful enough to make anyone be interested with it as well.

We have an orchestra member whom I’ll never forget, because of her obsession with pets. Most of us have our own pets and we treat them as family members. She, on the other hand, treats her pet with great enthusiasm that she can talk about it for days. As a matter of fact, she is the one that our members talk to, whenever they need some advice with their pets.

What’s funny is that there are times when the question is answerable by yes or no, but it’ll take her half an hour or more to explain things and tell her experiences about it. When I asked her about what she thinks is the best pet insurance for dogs, she answered GoPetPlan immediately, then followed by an hour of personal stories and first-hand experiences with it.

The truth is that I already have a choice before I asked her, but I wanted to be sure. As it turns out, we have the same preference when it comes to pet insurances. I know that she’s not the best person to talk to when it comes to pet’s health, but her obsession with pets made her a popular advisor in our group.

If not for her long answers, everyone would’ve love her for her unique trait. She’s kind and fun to be with, but you should never expect to have anything to talk about other than pets. That’s how she is, and everyone in our group knows exactly what to expect when approaching her. This is one of  the reasons why whenever she stays in a particular group, everyone suddenly becomes a pet lover.

It’s awesome and hilarious at the same time, because she can turn anyone into someone who loves pets just by talking to them. I think she’s also the reason why I now have a pet – something that never crossed my mind a year ago. I never had a pet since I was a kid, and this is my first time to have a pet dog.

The Spirit of Music

Dancing with the music is what fuels me up to perform at my best. Every note that music brings a perfect lyrics to my soulful life. Listening to music is my stress reliever, passion booster and mood killer. With every genre of music creates a wonderful bond to my inner and acting self.

Back in high school, I would always cut class to listen to the most popular band in town. Rock n’ roll is my life that I was so mesmerized with all the different bands back then. My friends and I would always pray to fast forward Friday so we can dance all night long. My high school life was filled with fun, laughter and music. Every dance move in the dance floor creates a perfect memory of my youthful life. I was so hooked with music that it began to consume my life. One of my favorite band these days was Emmet Online. They are the most popular band in England and they create live dance music and attract quite a crowd. They have many available downloads today and I already have tons of compilation. They are well known across the world for their futuristic sound.

My life is centered within my work, friends, music, pets and my apartment. I have one cat that I usually play with while watching TV or listening to music. She was very playful and full of energy I guess she got it from me. Making money from the music industry requires my full attention that is why I am out of the apartment most of the time. Last week while I was doing some work I noticed how my cat acted really strange. She’s just lying in the floor the whole day staring at me. I was bothered that I decided to let her see my veterinarian friend and after series of test she was prescribed with supplement for the liver called Denamarin for Cats. I felt relieved knowing that this supplement will bring back all the energy that she used to have.

I celebrated her recovery by inviting my friends and family over my pad. We had a few drinks and just like the old times we dance all night long under the breeze of the moonlight. I played my compilation songs from Emmet’s album and all of them loved it. It was like the song of the new generation where we can be our own self by freeing ourselves from all the worries in the world

What Type of Instructor Are You?

I am not someone who will brag about the achievements that I’ve had, and I cannot consider myself as the best in the music industry. I just love how my members work and treat each other, which I think is because of how I built the community that we have. This is also the reason why other instructors envy the bond that we have in our orchestra.

I am the type of instructor who will get deep into what you are, as a person, not as a musician. That’s the reason why I often talk to members like friends catching up with one another. The problem is that the number of our members grew to a point where I’m already challenged with how I can deal with them at the same time.

In fact, other members are joking that I should get a database management program such as CRM Systeem to help me keep track of everything that I know about them. To tell you the truth, it is not an easy task to be part of 40 lives on a daily basis. Imagine getting to know 40 different people from all age bracket and all walks of life, just to find out how they can fit into the existing community.

When I meet with other orchestra instructors and tell them about how I handle our group, most of them would be in complete awe. What scares me is that there are younger instructors who think that an orchestra is nothing more than a group of people who are passionate with music. This is not what I think it should be, because I won’t be staying here for more than a decade if everything in an orchestra is about music.

I know that most of our members entered our group to express their love for music, but they started to love other members to the point where they meet with each other without even talking about music. For me, this is the perfect community that every instructor should strive to have.

Although I cannot consider my group as the best when it comes to playing music, I can confidently claim that we are the best when it comes welcoming other people and treating them as part of our family. This is the reason why I enjoyed working with them, and this is what kept me working for extended hours just to give our group something better.

The Practical Side of Selling

The sun is shining bright as I glimpse outside my glass window. Having the perfect weather makes me jump with excitement. Everything around me feels like dancing with happiness. As I finished my hot shower, I immediately prepared my favorite cup of coffee that I always make as my early morning booster. I put on my favorite white polo and black slacks partnered with my tan colored pumps. Today will be the day that I will get the promotion that I’ve been longing for. My hard work and sleepless nights will now be paid off. I can finally smell the fruit of my labor as I walk down the streets going to my office.

I’ve been in the music composing blog network for almost five years now and everything that I learned was the greatest achievement I have in life. The music that was made out of my effort nourished my soul and enriched my life with fulfillment. I have gained my truest friends in this career that made who I am now. Day dreaming of the past as I enter the door of our office brought tears to my glowing eyes. Tears of happiness indeed.

Planning my life as I received my promotion gives me an unexplainable feeling. Having a desk of my own was really a dream come true. Imagining my life with the perfect career and having a good set of friends makes me the happiest person alive. As I am packing my stuff in my old apartment, I realized that I need to sell some of my things that I don’t need anymore. My new apartment was near to my office and it offers an amazing city view. I suddenly looked at my phone and realized that I need something much more useful for my daily tasks. Then I remembered, my friend told me she sold her phone online that gives me an idea to sell my phone as well and buy a new and updated one.

I browsed through the net and saw this site that offers a selling part. I took a photo of my phone, uploaded it, put the details and there it goes—it was published in just a few clicks. I was able to sell my phone at a very descent price since it was still in a good condition. After receiving the payment, I immediately looked for a new phone that can capture my every needs even if I am not in the office.


The Spirit of Spreading the Great News

The holiday season was the perfect gathering for all the families all over the world. The yearly celebration of Holidays gives a wonderful memory to each and every one of us. The music played in the streets and the glittery Christmas lights can bring joy to our cheerful souls. The spirit of Christmas is about sharing our blessings and continue living the good endeavors in life.

One of the traditional things that we do during Christmas is the festivity of celebration. Just like any other special occasions that we prepare a sumptuous dinner to feed our body. It is like a celebration of peace and love that is gathered by all our family and friends. We usually play music while the party is grooving on. My family was into music that I grew up to be so fascinated with every note that the music gives. I began writing songs during my high school days and very active in the musical plays.

After the Holiday season, I make sure that I detoxify myself from all the unhealthy foods that I eat during all the parties that I attended to. It becomes part of my routine to lose weight when the second week of January starts. I began using this diet supplement called Proactol XS. I was able to find it through net and read a lot of outstanding reviews about the product and decided to purchase one. I was very happy and contented with the results. This supplement was really amazing because it is completely natural. For instance, while metabolic system boosters often make individuals experience side effects, Proactol XS users avail the same kind of benefits while ensuring that side effects are never heard of. It also works as an appetite suppressant. Thus, with all these features combined, the product comes as one of the most effective fat binding diet pills that can surely benefit your entire body.

My family and friends was completely curious about this pill that I am taking and I am very proud to tell them about my experience. I also told them about the importance of healthy diet and regular exercise while taking this natural supplement. I went back to work after my Holiday break and my co-workers was amazed how I maintained my lean body despite all the parties that I attended to. And there it goes, I become the medium on spreading the good news to the people that is trying to achieve a healthy lean body.

The Only Place Where Orchestra Members Are Born

Having the chance to see their kids in an orchestra and perform for other people is a dream for a lot of parents. This is one of the reasons why music schools became a top choice for summer classes, and has shown a drastic increase with the number of kids who are taking summer classes for youth orchestra.

Although it will never be a guarantee that they’ll be able to fulfill their dreams, parents still enroll their kids for a number of reasons. Aside from having the chance to play for an orchestra, personality development is also a great benefit for kids with experience in music schools.

When you enroll your kids to a school, they will be trained for months to hone their musicality and choose their instrument that they want to play. This will give them the chance to perform in front of a lot of people, alone, which boosts their self-esteem. There are some parents who are enrolling their kids to music schools not to be professional musicians, but to help their kids build better confidence.

The process of learning to playing for an orchestra may take some time, depending on how fast your child learns how to play. Different orchestras have different age limit, and although there are some that accept very young members, most will only accept a child who is at least 11 years of age. Nonetheless, it is very advisable for any parent to have their kids enrolled as soon as possible.

When looking for a musical teacher, the first thing that you need to look for is their experience when it comes to teaching kids same as your child’s age. Different maestros have different levels of experiences when it comes to teaching, and the learning process of your child will depend on how the maestro handles the lessons.

The price that you have to pay for music schools will depend on the number of lessons that they have to take. Some will take months or even years to complete the process, so you should be financially prepared for it. However, there are some, like the one I teach, that accepts kids for free, but they have to pass a number of tests and prove their talent with music.

The reason why it is very advisable for parents to enroll their child to a music school at a young age is because this will increase their chances of performing for other people. Although a lot of students don’t actually end up in an orchestra, it is still a helpful experience for the kids, especially if they decided to pursue their musical career in the future.